Tour operators

iFly Airline is cooperating with tourism industry leaders.
Tourists appreciate a high level of the air carriages provided because their holidays begin already at the airport.


International tourism operator TEZ TOUR

International tourism operator TEZ TOUR was founded in 1994. TEZ TOUR arranges the tours for tourists from Russia, former USSR countries and states of Eastern Europe.

The company offers such holiday destinations as Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Cuba, Maldives, Mexico, the UAE, Thailand, France and Sri-Lanka.

TEZ TOUR is a multiple winner of different awards, among which: winner of competition ?Choice of the Year? in 2005 and 2006 (Ukraine), in 2007 (Ukraine and Belorussia), in 2008 (Ukraine and Belorussia) and in 2009 (Ukraine and Belorussia) in the category ?Tour Operator of the Year?.

In addition to the above-listed awards the company was the winner of the annual ?People’s Brand/Brand No. 1 in Russia? Award in the ?Tour Operator? category.


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