Pregnant women

Pregnant women are only admitted for carriage, if it is performed no later than eight weeks before the estimated delivery date.
Data on a pregnant woman condition shall be confirmed by a medical certificate and prenatal record and produced to the Carrier.

Subject to their good feeling and in absence of complications pregnant woman are admitted for carriage upon availability of a medical certificate confirming the gestational age issued 7 days before the commencement of carriage at the earliest.

Carriage of pregnant women is performed subject to the Carrier bearing no liability to the Passenger for unfavorable consequences that may ensue for the Passenger and the fetus in the process and as a result of carriage by air.

Pregnant women are only admitted for carriage subject to signing by the passenger of a Commitment for waiver of claim and holding the Carrier harmless in the event of the passenger health impairment due to carriage and its results.? A form of such commitment shall be produced to passenger or accompanying person by a Carrier’s agent or check in agent of the handling company during the check in procedure.


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