(Ru) Кадровая политика Авиакомпании направлена на формирование команды единомышленников, заинтересованных в общем успехе и прилагающих к этому все свои усилия.

The HR policy is based on the following core principles:

Staff is treated as the main human resource and is bearer of corporate culture and values.

Airline and its staff act as social partners sharing the Airline’s tasks and goals, as well as methods of their achievement and implementation determined by the front-office policy and strategy.

Airline is geared to setting of long-term labor relations with each employee subject to meeting of the labor legislation requirements which allow each employee demonstrating his/her professional skills and enhancing professional knowledge in accordance with the Airline’s demands.

Airline HR policy is based on the timely planning of changes to the staff structure, entering into new lines of business and introduction of new approaches and labor technologies. Personnel training and development are the central area of the Airline’s growth.

Recruitment for open vacancies

Requirements to professional competence, personal qualities and performance indicators of employees and jobseekers are defined by way of industry documents, job descriptions and corresponding department regulations which include office position.

The company is seeking for loyal employees who will meet the legislative requirements and company in-house regulations. The Airline also wishes the staff actions to be consistent with the company interests. To check the relevant qualities in the process of employment a jobseeker should fill in a form and indicate his/her previous work experience and contact details of his/her previous directors.

Aviation staff must be checked by Aviation Security and Economic Security services and present police clearance certificates and fingerprint expertise certificates, as well as confirmations of absence of registration with drug rehabilitation or psychiatric institutions and certificates of psychiatric examination.

List of the documents to be presented:


A new service "Business-hall" is available.

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